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The Healthcare Coalition for Emergency Preparedness ( was formed to raise awareness and provide education about a major problem facing our healthcare system today— healthcare facility operational sustainability during a crisis or emergency.

The Coalition believes that a key component of hospital readiness lies in the ability of medical centers maintain sustainable operations to meet public health needs and a patient surge on heath care facilities in all circumstances.

With looming threats of pandemic, bioterrorism and everyday disease exposure, it is imperative that we utilize today’s technology to ensure that our hospitals and healthcare centers have the ability to sustain operations in the event of such a crisis or emergency.

The Coalition is committed to achieving the following goals for its members:

  • Highlight vulnerabilities in operation sustainability during a crisis or emergency, including medical waste treatment.
  • Promote new best practices to help sustain hospital operations during a pandemic or other crisis situations.
  • Provide expertise and education on hospital preparedness and operational sustainability.